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Founding Partners

Custom Connection Systems Founding Partners Josh Hoover and Seth Coposky

Following Technical School training the team gained a tremendous amount of experience working with, and managing projects for the Cable and fiber optic infrastructure industry, Home Theater & Entertainment Companies, and High End Audio & Video Companies before co-founding Custom Connection Systems.

“No matter what product or system we are installing, the greatest feeling is knowing that our client is 100% pleased with our work at the completion of the job.

That is what makes all the hard work worth it!”

CCS trucks on Job

Custom Connection Systems was founded 11 years ago to help people like you enjoy the latest smart home and entertainment technology

What if you had a team of tech-savvy pros to help you navigate the options and complexity associated with modern home technology?

And what if they spoke in normal english instead of tech jargon mumbo jumbo?

Well, today is your lucky day!

The team at Custom Connection Systems, despite all their techness and knowledge know that you don’t care how it all works. Only that it DOES work.

We realize that technology can be intimidating for even the most up to speed homeowner. And some vendors make it worse by highlighting how much they know, while making you feel overwhelmed in the process.

Not CCS. We started this business to make it EEEAAASY on you. More than a decade ago we set out to give people the latest and greatest home tech experience without the hassles we’ve all come to expect when dealing with computer “stuff.”

Our clients are usually surprised how simple we can make even the coolest home theater, programmable lighting or smart HVAC.

If you can swipe and touch a button on an iPad, you can run your house audio​, watch Netflix, adjust your heating, cooling, and lighting, close the garage doors and so much more.

We hire professionals with just the right experience and personality to design, install, connect and teach you how to use all of these wonderful advances in the modern home.

Your friends and family will be amazed.

And the quality of your home life will improve.

We Provide The Highest Quality Electronics

Why Choose Custom Connection Systems

Deep Experience

Custom Connection Systems  has served the Greater Pittsburgh Area in Audio/Video Services for the past 11 years.

We specializes in Custom Automation – Audio/Video in residential and commercial areas offering a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

Whether it’s a Custom Home Theater or a Commercial Installment,  choose Custom Connection Systems for your next installation and experience the difference.

Friendly Support

We value each client and always respond to our customer’s needs.

With up-to-date knowledge on the latest technology, our team of installers are professional, and well trained. 

Recognized for it’s outstanding customer service, CCS excels in custom installations. Our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Latest Tech Know-How

CCS specializes in the acquisition and installation of custom electronic components for residential and commercial applications. 

In addition to the above, we also provide Sound Masking, Surveillance and Network Systems, Home Lighting Control Systems, Automated Shades, custom components, mounts, concealment units and acoustic paneling and more. What ever your home or building electronic needs Custom Connection Systems can help you. Call us at (724) 996-3544 to discuss your next project.

We love our customers

Let's Plan Your Project

Have Outdoor Lighting, Home Entertainment, or Smart Home Tech on your project wish list? Let us get it done for you so you can simply enjoy your life.

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